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Dolphin Swim Adventure

Pricing and Availability

Dolphin Royal Swim – Adult Participant (48″/122cm tall+)
[highlight color=”yellow”]$129*[/highlight]
Dolphin Royal Swim – Child Participant (42″ / 3 feet 5 inches /107cm to 47″ / 3 feet 9 inches /119cm)
[highlight color=”yellow”]$99*[/highlight]
Adult Observer (12 years +)
Child Observer (3 – 11 years old)
*Plus 7.5% sales tax
Panama City Beach, Florida Journey to the heartbeat of the Panhandle in Panama City Beach and have a chance to get up close and personal with a dolphin. In this program, you will spend the some time in deep water with the dolphins where you get at least one ride with the dolphin and spend most of the time in shallow water where you will touch, feed, hug and play with the dolphins too.
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You can come face-to-face with an Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin. You will learn about these underwater mammals in an interactive class that teaches you the basics about dolphins and what is going to happen during your dolphin program. You can submerse yourself in waist deep water as you interact with the Dolphins as you get to Hug, Kiss, Rub, Pet, and get up-close to the dolphins in this heart-warming program. Partake in an opportunity to get one ride by a dolphin as it carries you across the pool and get to swim with the dolphins in deep water. After your dolphin adventure, spend the rest of the day exploring the many exhibits and presentations offered at the Panama City Beach dolphin facility.


  • A 15-30 minute educational classroom presentation prior to entering the water.
  • A 30 minute shallow and deep water Dolphin Swim Adventure experience including touching, feeding and training with a dolphin. You will also swim into deeper water for more interactions and even have a chance to pet and swim with the dolphin across the pool with the famous belly ride or dorsal fin ride.
  • Professional photo opportunities with a dolphin.
  • A wetsuit (if needed) and a life vest are provided for use during the session.  Guests should bring their own bathing suits and towels.
  • Lockers, Showers, and Changing rooms available.
  • Each Dolphin Adventure session is unique, based upon the guests and dolphins.
  • Complimentary admission to all the shows and exhibits for the day
  • All participants must be 42″ / 3 feet 5 inches /119cm
  • Must be able to understand directions given in English or have a paid family member or friend in the water to translate.
  • 8 – 10 participants maximum per session.
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The time slots available includes a guaranteed 30 minute dolphin program, educational briefing, dolphin shows, sea lion show, & marine park exhibits. Total time of activities is about 3 – 4 hours.

  • 9am – Morning Session
  • 12pm – Afternoon Session


The Dolphin Facility is on Panama City Beach, Front Beach Road. You will get complete written directions with your ticket. < Map >


Driving Times: These times are approximate from the location listed below to Panama City Beach, depending on traffic and weather conditions.

  • Pensacola to Facility –  2 hours
  • Navarre Beach to Facility – 1 1/2 hours
  • Ft Walton Beach to Facility – 1 hour & 20 minutes
  • All Day FREE Parking available.
  • Food is available for purchase.
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Save Money and make your reservation online. In order to get any of these discounts, you must type the Online Discount Promotional Code in the discount box of the reservation form (Page2/3). After picking the amount of participants/observers, date of travel, and time of program, you will be taken to the reservation form to start your dolphin royal swim. When you get to page 2/3, this is where the promotional code needs to be placed in the discount code box. Without this written code, you will not get the promotional discount. These online promotions can not be combined with any previous orders or discounts. These discounts are for online orders only and the discounts will NOT be offered or honored over the phone with a Dolphin World representative or during the High Season or with any additional Transportation service.

Dolphin World Online Promotions:

  • Make your reservation more than 8 days or more in advance get 2.5% off each person. CODE: panamacitybookingspecial
  • Group of 10 or more that make their reservation 8 days or more in advance get 5% OFF per participant and per observer. CODE: BIG10PANAMACITYBEACHDISCOUNT
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Redemption Instructions

Upon arrival, please proceed to check-in window, present your dolphin program confirmation number or your last name, which you will receive after making your reservation.

  • Confirmation number is a must for entrance.
  • You do not need to have a printed voucher.
  • All customers/participants are required to sign liability waivers before participating in this activity.
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Dolphin Swim Adventure Restrictions:

  • All Participants must be at least 42″ / 3 feet 5 inches /119cm in height and up.
  • Any Child from 42″ / 3 feet 5 inches /107cm to 47″ / 3 feet 9 inches /119cm in height, must have a paid Adult participant (An Adult is anyone 18 years old and up) in the water with them.  1 Adult per Child.
  • Anyone over 48″/122cm tall+ in height must pay the ADULT RATE and can participate alone without an adult (18 yr +) in the water with them.
  • No Pregnant Participants
  • No Jewelry or Body Piercing Allowed in the water with the Dolphins.
  • Must be able to understand directions given in English or have a paid family member or friend in the water to translate.
  • IMPORTANT: Participants must advise of any medical restrictions, illness, open wounds, special needs, prostheses or pacemakers at the time of reservation.
  • No personal camera in the water or program area.
  • Food is not included

Refunds / Cancellations and Changes:

All cancellations must be received by Dolphin World / Keys Adventure Tours, Inc. in writing by email or regular mail.

  • A 10% service charge will apply per person for any cancellations prior 31 days of activity date.
  • A 50% service charge will apply per person for any cancellations within 30 – 15 day period prior activity date.
  • A 75% service charge will apply per person for any cancellations within 14 – 8 day period prior activity date.
  • Prior 8 days of your reservation date, you may change your reservation to a gift certificate, where you would not incur any penalties except the change fee. This gift certificate will be good for 1 year from the date of the certificate.
  • NO REFUND OR CHANGES WILL BE GIVEN TO ANY ACTIVITY PARTICIPANTS who tries to cancel or change within the 7 day period, does not show up, are late for scheduled program(s). Once a reservation has a confirmation number and confirmed, a refund or change can only be made more than 7 days of the activity date and any change to the program date is subject to availability. Changes made to existing reservations are subject to a $25.00 per person change fee.
  • The Dolphin Swim goes on Rain or Shine.

WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THE PURCHASE OF TRIP INSURANCE, which will cover your purchase 100% for any interruptions to your Dolphin World activities! We recommend TravelEx Insurance. Ask a Dolphin World Travel professional for advice on Travel Insurance.

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Does your program go on Rain or Shine? Yes, this program goes on Rain or Shine. The dolphin swim and shows, will go on most of the time. If there is thunder, there might be a delay before the program resumes again.

Can someone whom is wheelchair-bound participate?
This circumstance will be handled on a case-by-case basis. The following questions will need to be addressed and may require prior management approval:

  • Can the individual stand on the in-water platform without the use of canes or braces?
  • Can the individual tread water/swim? If the individual cannot freely stand on the platform and must tread water to stay in place, an assistant will need to be in the water to help the individual stay on the platform. The assistant, he/she must pay the full regular price.
  • Is the individual capable of lifting his/her full weight out of the water? The facility does not have a ramp or crane available for assistance. In addition, no staff member will be permitted to or is capable of lifting anyone out of the water.

Can handicapped individuals participate?
While this dolphin program does accept handicapped individuals, this program is not a Dolphin Therapy session. This program is primarily recreational. Those interested in a therapy program should consider other locations in the Florida Keys. Although accommodations for handicapped individuals can be arranged, they will not receive special treatments such as extended time or more interactions. If a handicapped individual is to participate, this circumstance will be handled on a case-by-case basis. The following questions will need to be addressed and may require prior management approval:

  • Does the individual meet the height requirement?
  • To what degree is the individual disabled?
  • Does the individual have full control of his/her body without required assistance?
  • Can the individual follow directions and understand English?

Can someone who is blind participate?
Yes, this individual must be accompanied in the water by a paid assistant. The assistant, he/she must pay the full regular price.

Are glasses/contacts permitted in the water?
Contact lenses can be worn. Prescription glasses with clear lenses will be permitted only if they are needed but they cannot be removed at anytime (including for pictures) during the session. We will provide a strap for glasses, which must be worn in order to keep them on securely. Glasses with dark lenses are not permitted unless the individual is sensitive to sunlight, in which case a doctor’s letter will need to be necessary.

Must I know how to swim to participate?
Yes. Swimming is required. Please keep in mind that if you are not comfortable in water, it may not be an enjoyable experience. If you are not comfortable in the water we recommend you participate in our Dolphin Encounter (non-swim) program.

What does it mean to be an Observer?
An Observer is a Participant’s friend or family member. Observers participate in all aspects of the program minus the in-water interaction. During the interaction you can cheer on the Participants and take photos. The Observers stay in the stands and have no contact with the dolphins. The fee includes complimentary admission to the park, so you can see the rest of the shows and exhibits, as well. Observers under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

What should I bring?
You’ll need something to wear under the wetsuit. A bathing suit is most convenient. You can rely on us to provide the following: Showers, keyed lockers, and wetsuits. All jewelry must be removed prior to entering the water. No cameras or loose items will be permitted in the water (no exceptions).

What about taking photographs with the Dolphins during my session?
Yes, there are professional staff photographers taking photographs (no video, only stills) of you and your dolphin session. You can purchase these photographs after your session. Prices ranges from $45 and up, depending on how many photographs you purchase. You can not take a camera into the water with you during your dolphin session. If you do have a family or a friend come with you as an observer, they can take photographs of you during your session with a CAMERA PHONE ONLY, no regular cameras allowed in.

What kind of pools do the animals live in at the Dolphin facility? The animals live in natural salt-water pools. The water is pumped in from the Gulf of Mexico.

Do we have to pay extra entrance and parking fees ? No, all day parking is free,

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Other Programs in the Panama City Beach

At Dolphin World / Keys Adventure Tours we do offer other activities options while in the Florida Panhandle. Please contact your Dolphin World specialist to see if any are good for you.

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