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Attractions and Shows within the Park

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NEW Hawaiian Shark Experience

Experience the all-new living shark exhibit, the Hawaiian Shark Tank. Step into the breathtaking world of Hawaii’s sharks, guided by dazzling interactive technology. This 300,000–gallon aquarium is home to a dozen native Hawaiian sharks. The exhibit includes Sandbar Sharks, Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks, and two types of Black Tip Sharks.

Dolphin Cove Show

They’ll jump, spin, flip, and entertain you. Relax in our large, open-air theater and watch our dolphins perform some of the most breathtaking moves you have ever seen. We’ve designed the show to be educational, amusing, and thrilling.

Hawaii Ocean Theatre

A popular series of shows take place in our comfortable, open–air, aquatic theater. View dolphins, penguins, and sea lions as we show you their talents and our trainers tell you about Sea Life Park Hawaii’s conservation efforts.

Kolohe Kai Sea Lion Show

They’re smart, fast, and funny! Sea lions are a delight to watch and our show highlights them in all their acrobatic glory. Bring the whole family and prepare to laugh out loud as they entertain you.

Sea Lion Feeding

Sea Lion Feeding in the Feeding Pool

Penguin Habitat Trainer Talk

You can watch penguins leap out of the water, sun themselves, or listen to one of our trainers talk about these amazing animals. You might even get to see them eat! Hear about their avian characteristics as we introduce this cherished threatened species to the guests of Sea Life Park Hawaii.

Adventure Kids Play Zone

Ahoy there! Pirate’s Lagoon is a fun place where children can run around our miniature maze and play area. This spot is an ideal location for birthday parties and perfect for letting your little ones play pirate.

Seabird Sanctuary

Many birds have arrived at our park injured or sick, and in need of rehabilitation. We have carefully and lovingly nursed these beauties back to health and those that cannot go back into the wild are now permanent residents of Sea Life Park. Take a look at some of our local Hawaiian seabirds, including the Iwa (Great Frigate Bird).

Sea Turtle Feeding

If you’re curious about sea turtles and their care, then this exhibit is not to be missed. We have partnered with accredited facilities and experts to develop an ongoing program that fosters understanding and appreciation of these majestic creatures. Watch and learn about these amazing animals as our trainers feed them during regularly scheduled turtle feedings.

Main Gift Shop

Offering a wide variety of Sea Life related merchandise and accessories, our Main Gift Shop has a perfect piece of memorabilia for everyone! From marine animal toys and plush dolphins to wholphin memorabilia and photos of your animal interactive experience to sea turtle food and souvenir cups, you are sure to find hidden treasures that will ensure your time spent at Sea Life Park is unforgettable.
9:30 am to 5:00

Sea Lion Café

Our patio style restaurant overlooks the sea lion feeding pool and the Pacific Ocean. With local flavors, Hawaiian style plate-lunches, and traditional American menu options, the Sea Lion Café offers something tasty for kama’aina and visitors alike. With stunning views of Rabbit Island and a relaxing open air atmosphere this is a perfect place to enjoy a meal, refreshing beverage including adult options, or a delicious frozen treat like a Hawaiian Shave Ice or blended fruit smoothie.
Sea Lion Café – 10:00am to 4:00pm
Ice Cream Fountain – 10:00am to 5:00pm
Snack Bar – 10:00am to 3:00pm

Sea Lion Café Menu

Spam Musubi  $  2.49
French Fries  $  2.99
Chili Bowl  $  4.99
Fish & Chips  $  7.99
Grilled Mahi Mahi  $  8.99
Hot Pretzel  $  3.99
Includes rice & potato mac salad or pineapple cole slaw
Teriyaki Chicken $  8.99
Hamburger Curry $  8.99
Kalua Pork $  8.99
Zesty Orange Chicken $  8.99
Hamburger Steak with Gravy $  8.99
Loco Moco $  8.99
Kalua Pork Sliders $  8.99
#1  1/4 Hot Dog & Fries  $  6.99
#2 Cheeseburger & Fries  $  9.79
#3 Chicken Tenders & Fries  $  8.99
#4 Fried Chicken & Rice (2 pc)  $  8.49
#5 Personal Pizza with 21oz Soda  $  8.99
Grilled Cheese& Fries  $  6.99
Teriyaki Burger with Fries  $  8.99
Add Large Fries  $  1.00
Tropical Fruit  $  7.49
Jello  $  3.49
Papaya  $  1.99
Potato Chips  $  1.25
Extra Cheese  $  0.99
Side Chicken Thigh  $  2.49
Chowder  $  4.49
Side Rice  $  0.99
Side Mac & Cheese  $  3.99
Tropical Fruit  $  7.49
Caesar Salad  $  6.99
Chicken Caesar Salad  $  8.99
Chef Salad  $  8.99
Garden Vegetable Salad  $  6.99
Cookie  $  1.59
1/4 Hot Dog  $  4.99
1/4 Hot Dog with Chili  $  5.99
Hamburger  $  7.49
Teriyaki Burger  $  7.49
Cheeseburger  $  8.99
Vegetarian Bean Burgers  $  7.99
Grilled Cheese  $  4.49
Personal Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza  $  7.49
Hand Carved Ham or Turkey Sandwich  $  8.49
Tuna Sandwich  $  8.49
9 Piece Chicken Nuggets  $  5.99
Meal Includes Fries & Sporty Drink
Hot Dog  $  5.99
Chicken Nuggets  $  5.99
Pepsi Regular  $  3.49
Pepsi Large  $  3.99
Souvenir Bottle  $  9.99
Souvenir Bottle Refill    FREE
Large Coffee  $  1.99
Ice Coffee Large  $  2.99
Bottled Juice  $  3.49
Bottled Water  $  2.99
Icee Regular  $  3.99
Icee Large  $  4.49
Icee Souvenir Bottle with FREE refills  $  9.99
Icee Refill  Free
Island Smoothie Various Flavors  $  4.99
Island S
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