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945-Dolphin Royal Swim – Oahu

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BOOK HERE  – Your Dolphin Royal Swim in Oahu, Hawaii includes the following:
oahu royal swim hawaiiA 40 minute shallow and mostly deep water Royal Dolphin experience includes multiple deep water behaviors like the foot push ride, the dorsal tow ride, the handshaking, and hugging, touching, petting, kissing, and playing with the Dolphins. (Approximately 2 hours with the Dolphins, Presentation, Changing Time & Photo Lab) Life Vest will be provided. Each Session includes the dolphin program, briefing, shows, marine exhibits, $10 shopping credit, refillable mug cup, & 1 Free photo.  8 years old +.

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For a really unique experience and want to swim with the dolphins? It’s not just for marine biologists any more. Anyone who’s ever dreamt of swimming with these magical creatures can now make that dream come true in Oahu, Hawaii. The Dolphin Royal Swim  programs get you up close and personal to these highly intelligent animals. You will Swim with them, dorsal fin ride, dolphin foot push, play with them, give them a kiss and learn all about their anatomy and ability to communicate. We promise it will be an experience you never forget.  Also, includes a $50 value package including a photo of your memorable experience and a $10 coupon for food or gifts. All participants must be 8 years old and up.  Anyone from 8 to 12 years old must have 1 adult participant per child.

Additional information

Dolphin Royal Swim

* A 40 minute shallow and primarily deep water Royal Dolphin experience includes the following with 2 dolphins: foot push ride, dorsal tow ride, handshaking, hugging, touching, petting, kissing, and playing with the Dolphins. (Approximately 2 hours with the Dolphins, Presentation, Changing Time & Photo Lab)
* Each session is unique, based upon the guests and dolphins.
* A 15 – 20 minute educational classroom presentation prior to entering the water.
* Royal Swim purchase includes refillable drink cup & 3 printed photos of you.

General Information

* All Participants must be 8 years old and up.
* Anyone within 8 – 12 years old, must have a paid Adult participant per child (an Adult is anyone 18 years or older).
* 1 Adult per 1 Child. Example if you have an 8 and 9 year old children, you would need to have 2 paying Adults in the water with them.
* Anyone 13 years or older can participate without an adult in the water with them but they are required to have 1 paying adult observer.
* Group size: limited to 10 people to ensure a very personal experience
* Program Check In Times: 10am or 1pm
* Each Session includes the dolphin program, briefing, shows, & marine exhibits. You could spend 3-4 hours in park.
* No Pregnant Women
* No Jewelry, No Body Piercings, No Bracelets, No Nail Jewelry, No Cameras, No Hats, No Head Coverings, No Outside Objects with the Dolphins.
* If you have any physical or mental limitation, please contact us before booking
* Must be able to understand directions given in English or have a paid family member or friend in the water to translate.
* Life Vest will be provided at no extra cost. Wet suits are NOT provided.
* Guests should bring their own bathing suits & towels.
* Showers, changing room and lockers are provided
* Food is available for purchase.


* Sea Life Park is on the Eastern Shore, Waimanolo area of Oahu, Hawaii.
* You will get complete ticket and directions either by email or text. You can not get lost.
* Waikiki Hotel Zone to Park apporximately 30 minutes by car
* Ko Olina area to Park approximately 1 hours by car.
* North Coast to Park approximately 1 1/2 hours by car
* $5 All Day Parking available. Cash needed to pay for parking.
* Food is available for purchase.


* If you have an observer in your group, they can take photos and videos of you during your dolphin program.
* Observer must stay in the observation area.
* There will be professional photographer taking photos (No Video) of you and your group with the dolphins.
* Photo packages starts @ $ 55 and up.


* Bus Transportation from Waikiki Beach Hotel Zone:
* Free Transportation for all Participants and Observer.
* You must state on the reservation form whether you want transportation or not.
* Tickets and Pick Up Time will be emailed to you.
* All Visitors outside of Waikiki Beach will need to find their own transportation.

Cancellation Policy

* No Refunds or Changes or Cancellations within 7 Days of the Activity Date.
* Any changes 8 days before your activity date, there will be a $25 change fee.
* Program goes on Rain or Shine.
* See our Terms and Conditions web page for more details.


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