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Dolphin Swim – Miami – Gift Certificate



Your Gift Card Dolphin Swim Adventure/Odyssey in Miami/Key Biscayne includes the following:
$210 plus 7% Tax = $224.70. You are purchasing a 30 Minutes in the water with the Dolphin,30 min educational briefing, changing time & looking at photos, about 2 hours time. Towels and Locker are provided at no cost. PLUS, Dolphin Shows, Sea Lion Show, and Marine Animal Exhibits – You can spend 4 – 5 hours in the park & dolphin program. Food and All Day Parking can be purchased at park. All participant must be 52 inches / 132 centimeter tall.

You must fill out general questions below about your guest(s) you are sending. You must put in the TO field, the name of the Guest for the Gift Certificate, SEND TO field, the guest’s email address, ENTER NOTE field, put a note, Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, AMOUNT #, put the amount of Certificate you want to purchase, 1 or 2….

Q1. Do all Participants Communicate in English? (Click One) *

You must be able communicate basic English while participating in your Program & Activity. You must bring your own paid participant translator if you can not communicate.

Q2. No Female Participants Can Be Pregnant on the Date of Their Animal Interaction. (Click One) *

Q3. Participants are Not Allowed to Bring or Use During their Program. (Click) *

Q4. Are you bringing Children Participants? (Click One) *

We need to know who is bringing children participants or not

Q5. Any Special Information for Us to Know.. ie special needs, travel needs, etc. (If Needed)

If you have any impairment or condition that would prevent a normal animal interaction with trainers and guests or any inability to follow any safety instructions or requirement. you will need to contact us by phone or email. DO NOT BOOK YOUR RESERVATION ONLINE IF YOU ARE NOT SURE OF MEETING ALL REQUIREMENTS – PLEASE CALL DURING BUSINESS HOURS TO GET ASSISTANCE – 800-667-5524 or EMAIL 24/7

Q6. Where are you Staying while on Vacation? (If Needed)

In case we need to contact you while on your vacation, you should fill this out.

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You are Buying a Gift Card for the Dolphin Swim Adventure / Odyssey in Miami. This gift certificate is good for 1 year of Purchase. Once you send this request and payment, you will get 2 emails, one for the payment and second one with the gift certificate and number to use to purchase your dolphin program. You will be asked to put the person name of the gift and their email address. If you do not want us to send their electronic gift, then please make note of it and we will send the gift certificate to you to send out.

Additional information


Remember, when buy this gift, the participant MUST be 52 inches / 132 centimeters tall. They will be measured at the gate.