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St Augustine Florida Dolphin Program Reviews

St Augustine Area Dolphin Programs

The St Augustine Florida Dolphin Program is a perfect place for this type of activity because of the  facility’s location which is close to Orlando, only 2 hours away, Daytona Beach, 40 minutes North, and Jacksonville, 1 hour South, and the city of St Augustine which is the oldest city in the United States. You will have the ability to participate with Trained Dolphins here on pristine St Augustine Beach. See what our customers have to say about their experience. Here are the St Augustine Florida Dolphin Program Reviews and the customer’s words….

18 thoughts on “St Augustine Florida Dolphin Program Reviews

  1. My daughter loved this experience. She was able to fulfill her long time dream of swimming with a dolphin and was all smiles the entire time. The staff were all very pleasant and helpful.
    The only negative was we, her family, could not see much of her experience. May be better if the families were allowed to stand around the pool area while the participant is actually in the water with the dolphin. But overall it was a very nice day!!

  2. This was the first time both of my daughters got to swim with a dolphin. They enjoyed the experience and were smiling from ear to ear the entire time. It was a fun and educational day to remember!

  3. Once in a life time experience.. The staff were great and knowledgeable.. You guys made my honeymoon awesome!! Thank you

  4. I was an observer & took pictures. The little girl with me who did the immersion loved it! Fairly expensive though, especially when you add photos, souvenirs, etc.

  5. I would love to swim with a dolphin so that I can tell everyone in Texas City, Texas that I accomplished my goal.

  6. Hey Brenda,
    The closest dolphin facility we offer to Texas is Panama City Beach Florida. That is if you want to drive, otherwise you can come to any of our locations in Florida or Mexico. Mexico is a great place to do it too!
    If you have any questions, please let us know.

  7. Would not hesitate to do it again and would recommend to anyone! Staff was very accommodating. Enjoyed every minute! Very well run!

  8. My daughter had the best experience with the Dolphins. In the past she had signed up for a similar program at a different place and was very disappointed with her overall experience. She cannot stop talking about this experience.

  9. it was amazing. I brought my granddaughter for her birthday and it was the best experience for both of us.

  10. It was the best experience of my life beautiful setting and beautiful dolphins. Only myself and one other person in the pool so plenty of opptunity to get one on one amazing xx Thank you

  11. My daughter & husband enjoyed playing & swimming with the dolphins it was a genuine experience. The staff was kind & let a group of us including me & my son walk by the pools & see the dolphins up close. Once in a lifetime experience.

  12. Everyone was wonderful and helpful, it is an experience of a lifetime and I recommend everyone to do it

  13. We loved the small group setting. The trainer was excellent with our two children. We felt the dolphin was comfortable and her needs were attended to as well.

  14. This was the first time our family interacted with a dolphin and we absolutely loved it. We could have spent the whole day in the water.

  15. It was truly AMAZING! I can’t believe I was able to interact with them in the water. It’s an experience I will never forget and highly recommend to anyone who’ll listen to me talk about it. I’ll definetly do it again one day.

  16. I’m so glad we chose the dolphin painting experience! Lots of people choose the water interaction experiences, but I would definitely recommend giving this one a try!

  17. I LOVED my dolphin interaction experience! It was awesome to interact one-on-one with the dolphin. I went to Discovery Cove many years ago, and I thought the dolphin interaction at Marineland was better than that at Discovery Cove, and a LOT less expensive. Granted, Discovery Cove has lots of other attractions (and is a full day trip), but if you’re interested in a dolphin experience with a lower price tag, Marineland will not disappoint!

  18. We had an awesome time at the Swim with the Dolphins last Monday. As my 8 year old granddaughter put it … the best day of my life!! Only thing I wish would have been available was shade. Thanks for a great experience!

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