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Punta Cana Dominican Republic Dolphin Program Reviews

The Punta Cana Dominican Republic Dolphin Program is a perfect place for this type of activity because of the weather, location, and the ability to participate with Trained Dolphins, Sea Lions and other Animals. See what our customers have to say about their experience. Here are the Punta Cana Dominican Republic Dolphin Program Reviews and the customer’s words & photos….

3 thoughts on “Punta Cana Dominican Republic Dolphin Program Reviews

  1. Fabulous, once-in-a-lifetime event. I’m 46 years old, my husband is 55, and we may have been grinning and having just as much fun as our children, ages 14 and 8. The experience you provided for our family was amazing, one that we will never forget. We loved being in the same area with the dolphins, and then to actually touch them and get them to clap, wave, kiss, splash, etc. right in front of us was fabulous. Swimming with the sharks and the sting rays was also wonderful, too. Your staff was professional and courteous, and helped make the excursion that much better. Thank you.

  2. Dolphin world was amazing! The staff we so friendly and nice. Time spent with the dolphins was fantastic!

  3. Date of excursion was 4/20/2016. I chose the Royal Swim. This was a bucket list item for me, and I was not disappointed! The open air bus picked us up at our hotel (Excellence) on time. It was about a 45 minute ride, including stopping at the other hotels, but a pleasant ride overall.
    When we arrived we were separated into groups based on which activity we had signed up for. We watched an informative video about safety and acceptable behavior when interacting with the dolphins. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable.
    We took a nice boat ride out to the enclosures. You have to remove ALL jewelry, even wedding bands, so be smart just leave it in your hotel safe. They do provide small lockers to store your personal items in, but I would advise traveling light.
    We then took an AWESOME ride in a Radikal boat!! A word of advice….Unless you love the taste of salt water… MOUTH SHUT!!
    After the Radikal ride, you get about 20 minutes or so to swim/snorkel (equipment provided) with the sting rays and sharks, and a barracuda or two.
    Then on to your dolphin swim… there were you stand on a platform inside the enclosure. The dolphin trainer and photographer tell you what to do. First you interact with 2 dolphins as a group, they you interact with them individually. Then as a group again. We were in the water with the dolphins for about 45 minutes. It is a bit regimented. I questioned who was better trained, the participants or the dolphins??
    The pictures they took were great, but as some others have mentioned, you don’t get to pick and choose, you get all your pictures on a CD. I participated individually (significant other is a chicken) but he was there as an observer ($35.00 ticket) my pictures were $30.00. I did not experience any of the supposed shakedown activity for tips. I did tip our guide, Ricky, and the boat captain, and bus driver, and all were appreciative and gracious.
    It’s not cheap, but it was a great experience!

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