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Enjoy a VIP Tour and Go Wild in Miami Florida

Lemur VIP Experience in Miami

Miami is a one-of-a-kind destination because it beautifully blends urban chic with the magnificence of the lush, tropical surroundings. The weather is gorgeous year-round, making Miami a prime holiday destination for outdoor enthusiasts. For those interested in a more cultural experience, Miami offers renowned nightlife that lets visitors dance the night away, world-class dining, endless shopping opportunities in sprawling malls as well as quaint boutiques, and stunning Art Deco architecture to feast your eyes on. And, because this city is a one-of-a-kind destination, it goes without saying that it offers one-of-a-kind attractions, like the VIP Go Wild Animal Tour at Dolphin World where you can go wild in Miami!

A Video Tour of Dolphin World, Miami, Florida

Who Wants a VIP Tour at Jungle Island?

Miami is one of the wildest cities in the world, so why not add to that wildness and enjoy a VIP Tour at Jungle Island, Dolphin World? You’ll get to spend time learning about and viewing Reptiles, Birds, Monkeys, Lemurs, Kangaroos and other exotic animals on this all access tour. Plus, the tour is absolutely private, so just you and your family or friends will have these amazing creatures all to yourselves. You’ll have a trained animal handler at your disposal that will answer all of your questions and facilitate your interactions.

VIP Go Wild Tour in Miami
VIP Go Wild Tour in Miami
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There’ll be Plenty of Lemur Interaction

As we mentioned, you’ll get the opportunity to interact with Lemurs on this tour and you won’t soon forget the time you spend with them. Lemurs are amazing animals that come in all shapes, colors and sizes, but are generally described as something between a cat and a monkey.

Lemurs are only found on the Comoro Islands and Madagascar Islands which are off the coast of Africa. Their fingers and toes in one sense are soft but are also equipped with special flat nails that allow them to grip things and groom each other.

Lemurs are very social creatures (and they love meeting new people!) and groups usually have obvious male and female hierarchies. A mamma lemur will carry her baby in her mouth until it’s able to cling to the fur on her back or stomach. Also, lemurs’ tails, as you’ll see up close, are quite thick and bushy, which helps them balance when they leap through trees. Their tails also act as a visual signal when the lemur feels threatened.

VIP Tour South Florida
Lemur Everywhere!!

There’s Plenty of Monkey Interaction, Too!

Capuchin monkeys are incredibly cute and bright and also a bit cheeky. Yes, these are cheeky monkeys! You’ve probably seen these little monkeys in movies, like Pirates of the Caribbean and Night at the Museum, because they are very intelligent and easy to train, and they sure seem like they like to perform.

The monkeys were given their name by Spanish conquistadors who named the tiny creatures after the ‘capuchin’ friars back home because the animals, they thought, resembled the men in brown robes with the large hoods.

These monkeys really are incredibly intelligent which is shown by their use of tools. These monkeys will use big rocks (and sometimes these rocks weigh as much as they do) to crack open certain fruits. Baby capuchins will watch older monkeys use this process and begin to do it themselves not long after.

If you’re headed to Miami and are looking to make memories that will last a lifetime, head to Dolphin World and enjoy the wild VIP tour.

Monkey Interactions in Miami Florida
Hey Hey with the Monkeys !!
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  1. OMG! If I had money and wasn’t disable I would love to swim with the dolphins it has been my dream every since I was a little girl! They are the most Beautiful animals I have ever seen I love them!!!

  2. Hi Barbara,
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  3. This has always been my dream to swim with dolphins but can never afford a trip I always try for contest but never get picked someday hopefully

  4. Hi Kathy,
    Yes, we understand about your love for Dolphins, but this article was about our VIP tour in Miami which includes, lemurs, monkeys, reptiles, birds, turtles and other animals. How do you feel about those animals?

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