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Miami South Florida Dolphin Program Reviews

The Miami South Florida Dolphin Program is a perfect place for this type of activity because of the weather, location, and the ability to participate with Trained Dolphins, Sea Lions and other Animals. See what our customers have to say about their experience. Here are the Miami South Florida Dolphin Program Reviews and the customer’s words….

49 thoughts on “Miami South Florida Dolphin Program Reviews

  1. We did the Dolphin Swim and Dolphin Encounter on the same day. We really enjoyed the dolphin encounter a lot. The dolphin swim was not what we expected. no good place to take pictures then photographer did not care about the pictures at all. we only got one time to swim other than that it was good the food was excellent the whale show was unforgettable and amazing ice cream delishius at the end of the day it was worth it.
    Dolphin Swim Miami Brazilian Family

  2. So much fun!! Thanks a lot!!
    Honeymoon Couple doing the dolphin swim in Miami

  3. It was a nice time in the sea aquarium. We look the shows and they was great and we swim with the dolphin. It was fantastic.

  4. Had great day, enjoyed it thoroughly.
    downtown miami customers

  5. Hi Ramsay, we are glad you had a great day. Maybe you want to check out our other Caribbean Dolphin Swim locations if you are in these areas.

  6. Had a wonderfull day! Transportation spot on, very informative and helpful, park really good but could do with healthier meals!,, will definitely recommend to friends and family the whole service we received today
    Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Customers

  7. Tour from Ft Lauderdale to Miami

    Had a blast. The dolphins are awesome, we went to the dolphin show that was pretty cool.the taxi there was excellent .very impressed with the pictures taken at and during the swimming with the dolphins .my favorite part was the dolphin ride

  8. Fort Lauderdale Pick Up Miami
    My daughter and I had a great, worry free trip to Dolphin World. Thank you to John for getting us there on time and picking us up a little early. The shows were awesome and it seems that animals are well cared for.

  9. Great experiennce.driver very helpful. Dolphin swim was wonderful.

  10. My husbnd & I had a wonderful experience at your Facility. The trainers & Dolphins were amazing. The pics turned out great. My husband was estactic about all aspects of being in the water with such incredible creatures.
    We were especially impressed with the Video presentation on preserving the Environment. I’m an avid recycler & go out of my way to make sure everything I use doesn’t end up in a landfill. It was so nice to see you sharing that in your show to teach people about saving the earth. Thank you! 🙂
    snorkel with dolphins Miami Snorkel and petting dolphin dorsal fin ride miami petting dolphin miami dolphin kiss miami

  11. I cannot express how amazing this dolphin trip was.
    My four daughters, myself and my parents had the time of our lives.
    John our tour guide was Fabulous!!!! We could have not had a better guide.
    We made memories for life!!!!
    Green family from Naples

  12. Thank you for a nice day and god trearment, personal and sweet. Friendly Marie and Janne Larsen

  13. John, our driver for the day, has been such a great asset to our visit to Dolphin Wormld. Such hospitality! A warm welcome plus water and snacks. Enjoyable conversation, too. And he not only got us entered into the park but took us to see the dolphin show and then got us registered for the swim. Wow, we didn’t expect such personalized service! It set the tone for a most wonderful dolphin experience. Thank you. And thank you, John.
    Catherine, Robin and Michelle

    Swim with Dolphins Fort Lauderdale Tour

  14. John was very pleasant. He was also knowledgeable about they areas we were driving by, .Helpful when we got to our destination getting us checked in at the dolphin swim area. My wife and daughter get car sick but had no problems. All in all the experience was very good.

    Swimming wth Dolphins Boca Raton Tour

  15. It was awesome!! I would do it again !

  16. The driver picked us up exactly on time, and we had a very pleasant drive to ft lauderdale then on to miami. We arrived before the dolphin swim, and had plenty of time to prepare for it. The swim was very unique and the first time I’ve done it. I look forward to our next time. Due to his excellent service we will definitely ask for the same driver the next time.

  17. Swim with Dolphins Marco Island

    It was a once in a lifetime experience swimming with the dolphins. After watching the show, I realized that maybe one day I can become a trainer. The park was clean and friendly and the animals are well cared for. It was educational and I learned alot about animal behavior. In conclusion not only did they help the animals, they help us too.

  18. This was one of the best experiences of our lifetime! The animals were so incredibly gentle and beautiful! The three of us left wanting to take one home, ha! Seriously, everyone should at least give this a try – it will open your eyes to the beauty of these animals.

  19. Ever since I was 12 and saw my first dolphin at Sea world I have been dreaming about the day I could swim with them. I live in New Mexico and its been a hard dream to realize. I have dolphin items and collectibles and my friends know if they want to get me something I will love there will be a dolphin involved. Swimming with the dolphins at Seaquarium was amazing and sadly left me wanting more! Sometimes its one of those things that are so amazing, so dream fulfilling that it is simply not enough and you need more. Whenever I get the chance to return to Florida, I will be doing it again.

  20. Park was clean, staff friendly, knowledgable and love their job. Amimals appear to be cared for and loved. Whale show was awesome!! Amazing to swim with the dolphins. Educational as well as a memory that will never be forgotten

  21. This “swim with the dolphins” was at the top of my bucket list.It was a wonderful experience for me and our daughter. My husband took some great photos.

  22. It was a fantastic interactive experience. Seeing the dolphin under water and seeing all the tricks was second only to riding with the dolphin. It was something I will never forget.

  23. My son and I swam with the dolphins and everything was fabulous. The trainers were very knowledgeable and patient and the dolphins were so much fun! Such interesting animals!

  24. Bucket List – swim with dolphins – check ! group only had 7 people so that was great- staff was wonderful. Only thing I would recommend as we were on the far side there was no shade for observers and think our friend almost had heat stroke. Memories made – thank you !!

  25. It was an incredible experience. Too be up close with dolphins was remarkable. They were friendly and fascinating.

  26. My kids loved it! ! Would Do It again

  27. It was amazing and the staff was nice. Worth every penny!

  28. Really awesome park. Great shows, great variety and lots of fun. Swimming with dolphins was amazing experience and the staff were really friendly. Excellent pick up service as well
    two british guys swim with dolphins

  29. Christmas Eve Dolphin Encounter Miami

    Best experience! The shows, feedings and our amazing dolphin encounter made the day. Kelsey our leader with the dolphins was so much fun and had us laughing the whole time!

  30. Swim with Dolphins Tour Delray Beach
    We had a great day! We were picked up right on time and the ride was easy and quick!
    The dolphin odessy was so fantastic and educational. The kids were so ecstatica and so was I!
    After a fun filled day of dolphin fun we met up with our driver at the exact planned time and location!
    Truly an awesome day! Thanks!

  31. Swim with Dolphin Tour Naples FL
    We had a wonderful time. Our driver was very pleasant! We swam with dolphins and fed stingrays. We will be back

  32. Dolphin Tour West Palm Beach
    We had a great experience at the seaquarium. Our driver had great customer service skills. The sea lion show was my favorite aside from swimming with the dolphins. The trainers could have been a bit more enthusiastic, but overall it was a good experience.

  33. Had a Great action packed time , back to back endless things to see, learn and do at the Miami Seaquairum, Dolphin and Seal interation was a very professtional experience , the trainers know what they are doing. On top of it all, John is super

  34. Lisa and Mom Miami Tour to be with the dolphins
    I had such a wonderful experience swimming with dolphins. The employees are very helpful and friendly. I will definitely come back.

  35. We had a four Day Animal trip with Dolphin World, which has been absolutely unforgettable. First day we went to Dolphin World where we saw a lot of animal shows and we swam with the dolphins. Second day we had a guided VIP tour at Jungle Island, where we went into many different animals, lemures, big snakes, big 150 year old turtles, kangeroos etc. We held them and fed them. 3. day we went on a snorkeling trip in a coral reef and 4. day we went on an airboat on the Everglades. Every day our driver for the day picked up right outside our hotel and drove directly to the destination and back again. His name was John and he was really nice and friendly. It is the second time we try this specific animal adventure, but NOT the last.
    Marion and Monica (17) Marstein. Below are some photos of Monica and her enjoying the activities of the Miami 4 Day Animal Adventure
    Day 1 - Swim with Dolphins
    Day 2 - VIP Tour
    Day 2 - VIP Tour More
    Day 3 - Snorkel Trip
    Day 4 - Everglades Airboat Tour

  36. Two Girls swim with dolphins
    We had a great experience at the park. Friendly trainers and great shows.
    Swimming with the dolphins was a lot of fun. I just wished that we were able to touch the dolphins
    a little more, that`s the only complaint. The pick up and drop of was very smooth and easy. Thumbs up
    for the snacks, drinks and a great driver:)

  37. I had a blast. It was nice to be picked up at the hotel. Our driver was very informative and helpful in every thing. The dolphin encounter was incredible.

  38. Miami Beach Dolphin Swim
    Got pick up on time..10am sharp..great driver…snacks available..very friendly…got to the park had a great day of fun..its all worth your money..had a blast marie and ashley..rocky mount,north carolina..xoxox

  39. We had a great day the seaquarium today. We really enjoyed the killer w at hale show but every show we attended was fun to watch. Besides the shows, we had access to beautiful tropical birds. My girlfriend had the dolphin odyssey experience and she’ll remember this for a very long time since it was well led by the trainers. We also enjoyed the a/c cooled cantina when we needed a rest. Keep up the good work!

  40. One of the best experiences we encounter in florida. Swimming with the dolphins was a dream come true. Our driver was so hospitable with cold water and snacks. We would definitely come back again!!

  41. The swim interaction with the dolphins was an AMAZING experience. It was everything I’d hoped for. Glad I got to cross it off my bucket list. Definitely want to do it again! Staff were very friendly!

  42. I have been excited and nervous for this dolphin encounter for about 3 months. ..ive been saying i wanted to swim with dolphins since i learned to swim. This was an amazing experience kind of like outer body experience, sureal. To have been this up and close to a beautiful and intelligent animal was a blessing. John our guide was and is very thoughtful , resourceful, timely and courteous.
    Thank you, Dawn McGary

  43. Swim with Dolphin Tour Naples FL
    Being able to spend the day in Miami with my daughter was incredible but being able to watch her swim with dolphins was amazing. It is a day we will always cherish. Everyone at the park was so friendly and helpful. They did a wonderful job teaching about the different animals and made it fun to learn. I am also so thankful for our driver, it made our day so stress free we were able to enjoy ourselves without the worry of navigating traffic. It was a great experience! – Shonna(Mom) >>

    Swimming with dolphins and getting the opportunity to be so close and watch them interact with each other, and the trainers was an amazing experience. I will always hold that memory close to my heart. I very much enjoyed the wide variety of people coming together to share the same interests of wildlife. The trainers and staff of the park were very nice and informative which made the trip even more enjoyable. Not to mention the fact that we did not have to drive in an area that we are unfamiliar with and had an awesome and interactive driver. Honnah

  44. Miss Universe Did the Miami Dolphin Swim
    My experience in the Seaquarium was awesome! I can’t explain what you feel when you touch the Dolphins… Is magical! I really gonna come back again here! Such an incredible experience!

  45. Swimming with Dolphins from Hobe Sound FL
    Great day! Incredible service! We were picked up right on time and John was a great driver! The trip went by quickly with some good conversation and neat information about Miami and the area. We were given the perfect amount of time to see the shows and enjoy the park and still get home with time to enjoy the evening. And it was so nice to have a photographer/videographer with us. Overall, everything went by smoothly and enjoyably. I would definitely do this again!

  46. Mom and daughter from Texas have dolphin encounter in Miami
    The time with the dolphins was outstanding and the van driver was very friendly. The driver was very helpful in helping us find the dolphin encounter. I would recommend the dolphin tour to anyone. Thank you for helping us in this wonderful experience!!!!:-)

  47. The dolphin encounters was a great adventure for our family this summer. The family got plenty of time with the Dolphins. It would be great if you could have the older kids and the younger kids interact at the same time. This would allow more time at the park to see more of the attractions.

  48. Wanted to thank you and let you you know my daughter and I had an amazing amazing time and it felt so good to see her so happy.

    We didn’t get any photos because of a seaquarium camera malfunction though which almost made me cry but my daughter told me it’s ok that she’ll remember it forever.

    Mother and Daughter had a great time with Dolphins in Miami

  49. Hi Esther,
    We are happy you had a great time with the Dolphins in Miami.
    We hope to see you again.

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