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Tortola British Virgin Islands Dolphins & More

Tortola Dolphin Jumping

The Tortola British Virgin Island is one of our favorite locations we offer, because of the all natural salt water lagoon where the dolphins swim and the beautiful mountainous Caribbean landscape. It is a combination you can not beat. So if you thinking of a Virgin Island vacation and want to stay on St Thomas or St. John US Virgin Islands? Or Maybe you are coming to and staying on Tortola BVI? This might be a perfect vacation for you. Tortola island offers little in historic sites, but that doesn’t seem to bother the thousands of visitors who flock here every year that stay on the island’s top-notch resorts or from the Cruise ship visits. That’s because they come for the spectacular scenery and gorgeous beaches – 21 square miles of beaches to be exact and to swim with dolphins on Tortola too!

See Video of Tortola Location >>
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