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Wild Dolphin Encounter in Bimini, Bahamas

Wild Dolphins in Bimini Bahamas

Swimming with dolphins in a facility is exciting enough, but getting to be out in the open waters and watch wild dolphins in their natural habitat is something totally different and unique! And that’s why Dolphin World is pleased to introduce to you, the Wild Dolphin Encounter in beautiful Bimini, Bahamas.

The Bahamas are a collection of nice-sized islands, with the biggest being North and South Bimini. Though technically the biggest islands, a vacation to Bimini still has a quaint and charming feel, perfect for a relaxing destination.

But quaint and charming don’t even do justice to describe what your experience aboard a comfortable sailing boat for 6 days and 5 nights will be like on your wild dolphin adventure. Captain Geoff will personally greet you upon arrival and give you a brief explanation of the boat and your time upon it.

Once you and your fellow adventurers introduce yourselves, Captain Geoff will give you a weather report for the week and ahead. Then finally, it’s time to sit down to your first dinner on board. Meals are simple but tasty. After dinner you have the option of reading, playing board games, or going on deck to be amazed at the sky full of stars. Then it’s time for some shut eye because the next day will be a total thrill.

Capt Geoffrey of Dolphin Expeditions

The one thing you must understand is that, as accommodating as Captain Geoff and crew are, they cannot predict or control the weather. You basically hope for the best and deal with what weather comes your way. Captain Geoff pays very close attention to weather reports, as well as the surrounding landscape, to always ensure your safety.

Depending on weather, you may find in the morning the seas are a bit rough and the captain does not want to take the dingy out in search of dolphins. This gives you an opportunity to practice your snorkeling in calmer, shallower water. When the weather is clear and the water still, you’ll hop into the dingy and motor around the islands in search of spotted or bottlenose dolphins!

You will NEVER forget the first time you see these dolphins out in the wild! They tend to swim around and around the dingy and leap into the air as if to show off. You’ll also get a chance to see dolphins feeding out in the open waters, and sometimes, it’s as if the dolphins want to race the dingy. Usually they win.

Wild Dolphins in Bimini Bahamas
Wild Dolphins in Bimini Bahamas

But perhaps the most spectacular and memorable experience is when you find yourself snorkeling in the morning in the crystal clear water and suddenly dolphins appear to swim with you. Simply unforgettable. You’re also most likely to see all kinds of sea life while snorkeling such as star fish, stingrays, nurse shark (they’re friendly!), blue fish, yellow fish and all sorts of tropical fish.

The wild dolphin encounter is truly a one-of-a-kind experience and memorable to boot!

Getting to Bimini

Although it is the outermost set of islands in the Bahamas, Bimini is actually less than 50 miles from the southern tip of Florida and very easy to get to. You can get to Bimini by air or by sea.

You have two options to fly into Bimini:

Silver Airways – A regional airline (and partnership with United Express Airlines) that departs from Fort Lauderdale. There is one flight daily, except on Tuesdays, which lasts for 30 minutes and lands you directly at South Bimini Airport. Travelers headed to North Bimini will have to take a five-minute taxi ride from the airport.

Travel to Bimini Bahamas
Travel to Bimini Bahamas

Take a seaplane – Tropic Ocean Airways offers flights from Fort Lauderdale as well as Miami on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. They also offer private chartered planes. Other companies that offer private chartered service include Island Air Charters, Pioneer Air Service and RMG Flight Services. If your budget allows, this is a nice way to start your adventure.

Charter a boat – Why not charter a pleasure boat or even a yacht to get you to Bimini? Several Florida companies and private boat owners are happy to transport travelers from Miami and Fort Lauderdale to docks and marinas on North and South Bimini. Charter services to consider include Boat South Florida, Taylor’d Yacht Charters and Atlantic Yacht Charters.

Bimini History

The history of Bimini is quite varied and exciting. During the 1600 and 1700s, Bimini was a popular spot for pirates who hid out, waiting for the Spanish ships, laden with treasure on their route back to Spain, to pass by.

During the 19th century, shipwrecks were a frequent occurrence in the area and the first settlers to Bimini came to salvage the wrecks. Once lighthouses became common in the 1800s, the shipwrecking trade declined. Ever heard of Blackbeard? He was no stranger to the islands of Bimini.

Once the wrecking industry declined, the island was struggling with poverty. But, in 1919, The U.S. enacted the Volstead Act and the era of prohibition dawned. Everyone and their cousin was looking for a way to smuggle alcohol into America through Canada and The Bahamas.

Enter the rum runners, who flooded Bimini with cases and cases of rum, all headed to the United States. Bimini went from economically depressed to rolling in cash, seemingly overnight.

Many notable historical figures visited Bimini over the years, but perhaps the most famous was Nobel Prize winning author Ernest Hemingway, who had experiences on the island that would allow him to eventually write Old Man and The Sea.

Delicious Bimini Food
Delicious Bimini Food

Sights and Sounds of Bimini

Is it any wonder Bimini is a mecca for deep sea fishermen? This location is ideal for catching “the big one” as its where the Gulf Stream meets the Bahamas Bank. Anglers here are likely to catch snapper, tuna, and wahoo.

There are plenty of other activities besides fishing. There’s paddleboarding and kayaking, of course, and art and culture as well. Spend a day perusing Bimini Museum in Alice Town.

Those visitors who are looking for a real thrill can get into a dockside cage to get face-to-face with one of the ocean’s top predators – the bull shark.

Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from simply taking a leisurely stroll through town, enjoying some delicious local food, doing some shopping and people watching, or just lying in the warm sand with cool ocean breezes kissing your skin.

Bimini is truly a unique destination where magic awaits you at every turn.

Your Bimini Bahamas Experience and Feed Back

We would love to hear from you and what you did in Bimini Bahamas. In fact we are so interested in hearing what you have to say that we will entice you to comment, the first 5 comments will receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card by email. The only thing we ask that you comment has something to do about Bimini Island and your stay there or the nearby area.

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Enter Into Dolphinland, Nassau Bahamas

Having Fun with the Dolphin Nassau Bahamas

There really is no word but exhilarating to accurately describe what you experience when you are participating in a dolphin swim on Nassau Bahamas. These dolphins can accommodate to almost any circumstance and the dolphins are always energetic and excited to see you!

Nassau Bahamas Picture Gallery

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Getting Set Up!

You will arrive at the all-natural lagoon where the dolphins are already swimming in circles in excitement and anticipation of your arrival. They poke their heads out of the water as you approach the docks and follow you along the edge. It doesn’t matter to the dolphins how old or young you are, or if you’re standing or sitting. Wheelchair accommodations are available for those needing it, with a ramp for Blue Lagoon’s own water proof wheelchairs! The dolphins don’t care, all they want is to swim and play with you.

There is a small orientation so you can learn a little more about these wonderful creatures. The trainer will share a little bit about the natural history of the dolphins, ocean conservation, and will share with you the animal training techniques used with them. This is so you can better appreciate the beauty and majesty of the dolphins both in the lagoon and in their natural habitats as well as be assured that they are treated with the utmost humanity and dignity. The dolphins at this point will impatiently be squeaking, swimming and splashing you confirming what the trainers said; an animal cannot be this happy and be mistreated.

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Into the Dolphin World of Water
Into the Dolphin World of Water

Into the Water and New World

After the small orientation – and proper accommodations are made, should there be any, as well as life jackets distributed to the participants provided all by the Blue Lagoon staff – it is time to join in the fun with the dolphins. You enter the water and suddenly you are no longer at Blue Lagoon but are a part of their world and the blue ocean water. The transition – both mentally and physically – is completed when they come up to you and nudge you impatiently, as if asking why you haven’t you started playing with them yet and why you are not loving them.

The dolphins will splash water on you as they swim around you, welcoming you and showering you with their love. They will play with you as they lead you in an exercise all their own. Their joy will be evident as the conclusion draws near and they squeak and splash around with excitement at having you follow them in play.

They will splash more water on you and dance with you, their flippers splashing water on you and squeaking with laughter. You will get to hug the dolphin as well as take pictures. Of course, the dolphin will be the center of attention since he is the center of attention. The photographer and videographer will capture every precious moment you spend with the beautiful creature of the sea and when picture time comes, will arrange you so as to optimize the view of the lagoon as well as the dolphin, whom will, as mentioned before, be front and center!

Having Fun with the Dolphin!
Having Fun with the Dolphin!

See You Again!

To conclude this amazing experience, the dolphins will propel you across the water at maximum speed, so that you can get a small taste of the beauty and freedom it is to be a dolphin as well as show you their joy at your presence. The dolphins will then make their way towards you one last time and hug you and kiss you goodbye, squeaking at the fun they had with you and anticipating your next visit.

The purpose of Blue Lagoon trainers and the dolphins themselves, is to maximize your interaction with these beautiful sea mammals. They want to make sure you are able to connect and bond with the dolphins as much as possible and for this time to be unforgettable.

Blue Lagoon Nassau Bahamas
Blue Lagoon Nassau Bahamas
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Dolphin Paradise in Nassau Bahamas

Dolphin Swim Nassau Bahamas

You will get to experience a magical and unique opportunity that is likely to surpass anything you could have previously conceived with respect to interacting and swimming with dolphins during the dolphin encounter. This is something most have only dreamt about, but you are about to experience it first hand here at Blue Lagoon Bahamas. You get to love and bond with these delightful creatures, play with a dolphin in a natural saltwater lagoon habitat.

Blue Lagoon Island Nassau Bahamas
Blue Lagoon Island Nassau Bahamas

Save up to 65% plus 1 Night Free and a $100 Red Lane Spa credit at Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island.

Getting Set Up!

Blue Lagoon is where it all start

The beginning of the experience will begin with a small orientation where you will learn about the dolphin’s habitat and the ocean. Best part; no matter how young or old you are, you can participate in the dolphin encounter! It is also during this time that accommodations will be made for wheelchair guests, should there be any, and the trainer will prepare you the grand entrance of the dolphin.

Watch the Fun Dolphin Encounter Video

A Grand Entrance on Blue Lagoon

The fun starts once the splashing will begin and the dolphins will leap high in the air, displaying their acrobatic skills for you. They will splash around and circle you as they introduce themselves. They will rub against you, rolling on their bellies, asking you for a belly rub. Dolphins are extremely playful and friendly and they will bask in the attention and love they receive from you, so remember, be generous. They will also hug you and kiss you, squeaking in delight at the new friends they have just made. The fun is just beginning as the positive energy and excitement you are feeling is absorbed by them and given back as his tricks and swimming continue. By the end of it all you can’t help but smile from ear to ear as you have just interacted with one of the most intelligent  beautiful and adoring creatures in existence and they gave you their undivided attention, afterall you are now their lifelong friends.

Dolphin Swim Nassau Bahamas
Dolphin Swim Nassau Bahamas

Photos and Videos – a Memory for Life

Throughout the entire experience a Blue Lagoon photographer and videographer will be recording your entire experience so that when it is done, you will be able to take it with you and relive the joy you felt in this paradise over and over again.

This experience is unique and almost impossible to recreate. The helpful staff and the fun dolphin is unique to only Blue Lagoon. The beauty of the island and the majesty of the dolphin is unmatched and only here can you find this paradise where you forget the world.

The innocence and excitement of the sea creature will captivate you and mesmerize your soul. The bond formed with this graceful loving creature will be with you for the rest of your life. And no matter what, rain or shine, you will have that bond there waiting for you; waiting to be created and the dolphin waiting to befriend you.

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Experience the Blue Lagoon Island Dolphin Programs

Nassau Bahamas is a vibrant mix of color, cuisine, art, music and everything in between. A day spent strolling the charming streets will put you in direct contact with bargaining vendors, hustling cabbies, and friendly islanders who always have a smile for you. And, when you’re feeling like a little adventure, you can head to Blue Lagoon and experience their thrilling dolphin programs.

Just hop on one of the many boats headed to the island and take a scenic ride through Nassau’s historic harbor. Once there you have a plethora of activities to keep you and your group entertained and engaged. Maybe take a swim in the tranquil lagoon or just relax on the soft sand beach, play water sports or sit and sip a tropical drink. But make sure and leave time to swim with the dolphins!

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A Video Tour of Dolphin Encounters on Beautiful Blue Lagoon Island

Enjoy Swimming with Dolphins in Nassau Bahamas

We don’t think we’re exaggerating when we say that swimming with dolphins in Nassau Bahamas is one of the most special and thrilling experiences you can have in your life. Getting up close and personal to these intelligent and playful creatures in their natural habitat is some of the best fun you’ll ever have.

Swimming with Dolphins Nassau Bahama Blue Lagoon Island
Swimming with Dolphins Nassau Bahama Blue Lagoon Island

The program starts out with a fun orientation that focuses on the natural history of these sea mammals as well as covers some of the training techniques staff uses with the dolphins. You’ll also learn a little bit about the importance of ocean conservation.

After the orientation you’ll slip into a lifejacket and into the gorgeous turquoise water to experience what it’s like to kiss and play with dolphins. Try not to laugh when they dance all around you, and try not to squeal with delight when you get a footpush across the top of the lagoon.

Why Not Try Swimming with Sea Lions in Nassau Bahamas While You’re at it?

Sea Lion Encounter on Blue Lagoon Island
Sea Lion Encounter on Blue Lagoon Island

While dolphins get most of the attention, and they are pretty amazing, you’ll also have the opportunity to swim with sea lions who are equally amazing and just so gosh darn cute! They aren’t called ‘puppies of the sea’ for nothing.

After your initial orientation, you’ll slip into waist-deep water where you’ll get to feed, hug and kiss the sea lions and see how funny they are. Staff members will capture your interaction in a photo or video so you’ll always have something to remember your amazing day.

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 There are Plenty of Other Things to do in Nassau Bahamas

Beach Day on Blue Lagoon - Watersports and Lunch
Beach Day on Blue Lagoon – Watersports and Lunch

Well, after all of that fun in the water with your new dolphin and sea lion pals, you probably worked up an appetite so you’ll want to grab some lunch on the island, then maybe take a scenic boat ride around the harbor to check out all of the mansions and private yachts. Lie in a hammock or kick a soccer ball around on the beach, go kayaking, snorkeling, and of course leave some time to buy some souvenirs!

You’ve always wanted to visit Nassau Bahamas but probably didn’t know just how much fun and thrills you could have here. Now that you do, there should be nothing stopping you from booking your trip and having the vacation of a lifetime!