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Swimming with Dolphins in Oahu Hawaii

Oahu is not a vacation destination so much as it is a lovely attack on your senses. Stepping foot onto the island, one is instantly seduced by the tropical aromas, balmy breezes, verdant rainforest and pineapple fields, turquoise waters, and the kaleidoscopic schools of fish just below the surface. As far as activities, Oahu has a ton of things to do for people who thrive on adventure. You can learn to surf and standup paddleboard, snorkel, scuba dive, windsurf, kayak, and parasail. But perhaps the biggest thrills are had swimming with dolphins in Oahu Hawaii at Sea Life Park.

Overview of the Park Video

Dolphin Swim Programs

Oahu’s dolphin facility offers numerous unforgettable magical moments. Located only 20 to 30 minutes from the Waikiki hotel zone, the park features beautifully-designed lagoons, reefs, and pools. The dolphin programs offered are suitable for both adults and children alike.

Royal Swim

This dynamic program allows park visitors to swim with dolphins and interact with them up close and personal. Receive an affectionate handshake and kiss on the cheek before holding on to their dorsal fin and being pulled around the pool. Talk about exhilarating! But it gets even better. You’ll then be able to experience a foot push from your new friend. You’ll absolutely feel like you’re flying. This program is suitable for strong swimmers 8 years and older.

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Dolphin Adventure

If you’ve always dreamed of snuggling up to a dolphin, this is the program for you. When you meet your new pal, you’ll get to hug and kiss them. Then, you’ll snuggle up close to enjoy a belly ride. Afterward, enjoy simply splashing around with your new BFF during your free time together.

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Dolphin Encounter

This is a non-swim program perfect for very little ones or those who aren’t strong swimmers. In this safe and fun environment, you’ll get to see these amazing creatures show off their agility as they perform tricks and “dance” around the pool.  You’ll also get to hug and kiss your new friend, and learn all about their amazing behavior and personalities.

Beyond interacting with dolphins, the park also offers visitors a unique opportunity to interact with exotic sea life such as sea lions, penguins, rays and sea turtles. In one afternoon at Sea Life Park you can create limitless unforgettable moments.

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There is a Dolphin Program for you in Oahu Hawaii
There is a Dolphin Program for you in Oahu Hawaii

Getting Around the Island

Getting around the island is pretty straightforward and you have a few different options:

Oahu’s public transportation is fairly reliable and will get you to and from Sea Life Park. The downside is you must deal with someone else’s schedule. There are also taxis to get you around the island. This is not the cheapest option, but if your budget allows, it may be a good idea. Of course, you can pick up a rental car at the airport when you arrive on the island. While this option allows you and your family to come and go as you please, it’s often difficult (and potentially unsafe) to drive in an unfamiliar location.

When it comes to getting to and from Sea Life Park, your best bet is to take the free van shuttle. Waikiki guests will be picked up at their hotel and shuttled to the park in a clean and air conditioned van. Drinks and snacks will also be provided. At the end of your thrilling day, you will be picked up at the park and dropped off back at your hotel where you can pinch yourself to ensure the day wasn’t all a dream. < Travel Help >

Free Transportation from Waikiki Hotels
Free Transportation from Waikiki Hotels

Best Time to Go

When it comes to the best time to visit the island, there hardly is a “best time.” Oahu is one of those magical places that offers visitors near-perfect weather all year-round. Temperatures usually average low to mid 80s with sunny skies most of the time. Though there is little rainfall throughout the year, those months with the least amount of rainfall are May through October. When it does rain, the showers are usually light and brief.

Are you a surfer? Oahu’s North Shore is famous for its massive waves in the winter months. If you’re looking to catch perhaps the biggest wave of your life, head to the island between November and March – but ONLY if you are an experienced surfer.

As far as accommodations and getting the best deals, travelers should stick with the off-peak months of April and May and August through November, when demand for rooms is lower. Unless you enjoy crowds and overpaying for accommodations, food and souvenirs, avoid visiting Oahu during all holidays, particularly Christmas.

Famous Waikiki Beach Oahu Hawaii
Famous Waikiki Beach Oahu Hawaii

With all of this in mind, the absolute best time to visit the island is May through September, unless, again, you’re an avid and experienced surfer looking to catch “the big one.”

No matter what time you go, the dolphins will be waiting to meet you and swim with you.


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Wild Dolphin Encounter in Bimini, Bahamas

Wild Dolphins in Bimini Bahamas

Swimming with dolphins in a facility is exciting enough, but getting to be out in the open waters and watch wild dolphins in their natural habitat is something totally different and unique! And that’s why Dolphin World is pleased to introduce to you, the Wild Dolphin Encounter in beautiful Bimini, Bahamas.

The Bahamas are a collection of nice-sized islands, with the biggest being North and South Bimini. Though technically the biggest islands, a vacation to Bimini still has a quaint and charming feel, perfect for a relaxing destination.

But quaint and charming don’t even do justice to describe what your experience aboard a comfortable sailing boat for 6 days and 5 nights will be like on your wild dolphin adventure. Captain Geoff will personally greet you upon arrival and give you a brief explanation of the boat and your time upon it.

Once you and your fellow adventurers introduce yourselves, Captain Geoff will give you a weather report for the week and ahead. Then finally, it’s time to sit down to your first dinner on board. Meals are simple but tasty. After dinner you have the option of reading, playing board games, or going on deck to be amazed at the sky full of stars. Then it’s time for some shut eye because the next day will be a total thrill.

Capt Geoffrey of Dolphin Expeditions

The one thing you must understand is that, as accommodating as Captain Geoff and crew are, they cannot predict or control the weather. You basically hope for the best and deal with what weather comes your way. Captain Geoff pays very close attention to weather reports, as well as the surrounding landscape, to always ensure your safety.

Depending on weather, you may find in the morning the seas are a bit rough and the captain does not want to take the dingy out in search of dolphins. This gives you an opportunity to practice your snorkeling in calmer, shallower water. When the weather is clear and the water still, you’ll hop into the dingy and motor around the islands in search of spotted or bottlenose dolphins!

You will NEVER forget the first time you see these dolphins out in the wild! They tend to swim around and around the dingy and leap into the air as if to show off. You’ll also get a chance to see dolphins feeding out in the open waters, and sometimes, it’s as if the dolphins want to race the dingy. Usually they win.

Wild Dolphins in Bimini Bahamas
Wild Dolphins in Bimini Bahamas

But perhaps the most spectacular and memorable experience is when you find yourself snorkeling in the morning in the crystal clear water and suddenly dolphins appear to swim with you. Simply unforgettable. You’re also most likely to see all kinds of sea life while snorkeling such as star fish, stingrays, nurse shark (they’re friendly!), blue fish, yellow fish and all sorts of tropical fish.

The wild dolphin encounter is truly a one-of-a-kind experience and memorable to boot!

Getting to Bimini

Although it is the outermost set of islands in the Bahamas, Bimini is actually less than 50 miles from the southern tip of Florida and very easy to get to. You can get to Bimini by air or by sea.

You have two options to fly into Bimini:

Silver Airways – A regional airline (and partnership with United Express Airlines) that departs from Fort Lauderdale. There is one flight daily, except on Tuesdays, which lasts for 30 minutes and lands you directly at South Bimini Airport. Travelers headed to North Bimini will have to take a five-minute taxi ride from the airport.

Travel to Bimini Bahamas
Travel to Bimini Bahamas

Take a seaplane – Tropic Ocean Airways offers flights from Fort Lauderdale as well as Miami on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. They also offer private chartered planes. Other companies that offer private chartered service include Island Air Charters, Pioneer Air Service and RMG Flight Services. If your budget allows, this is a nice way to start your adventure.

Charter a boat – Why not charter a pleasure boat or even a yacht to get you to Bimini? Several Florida companies and private boat owners are happy to transport travelers from Miami and Fort Lauderdale to docks and marinas on North and South Bimini. Charter services to consider include Boat South Florida, Taylor’d Yacht Charters and Atlantic Yacht Charters.

Bimini History

The history of Bimini is quite varied and exciting. During the 1600 and 1700s, Bimini was a popular spot for pirates who hid out, waiting for the Spanish ships, laden with treasure on their route back to Spain, to pass by.

During the 19th century, shipwrecks were a frequent occurrence in the area and the first settlers to Bimini came to salvage the wrecks. Once lighthouses became common in the 1800s, the shipwrecking trade declined. Ever heard of Blackbeard? He was no stranger to the islands of Bimini.

Once the wrecking industry declined, the island was struggling with poverty. But, in 1919, The U.S. enacted the Volstead Act and the era of prohibition dawned. Everyone and their cousin was looking for a way to smuggle alcohol into America through Canada and The Bahamas.

Enter the rum runners, who flooded Bimini with cases and cases of rum, all headed to the United States. Bimini went from economically depressed to rolling in cash, seemingly overnight.

Many notable historical figures visited Bimini over the years, but perhaps the most famous was Nobel Prize winning author Ernest Hemingway, who had experiences on the island that would allow him to eventually write Old Man and The Sea.

Delicious Bimini Food
Delicious Bimini Food

Sights and Sounds of Bimini

Is it any wonder Bimini is a mecca for deep sea fishermen? This location is ideal for catching “the big one” as its where the Gulf Stream meets the Bahamas Bank. Anglers here are likely to catch snapper, tuna, and wahoo.

There are plenty of other activities besides fishing. There’s paddleboarding and kayaking, of course, and art and culture as well. Spend a day perusing Bimini Museum in Alice Town.

Those visitors who are looking for a real thrill can get into a dockside cage to get face-to-face with one of the ocean’s top predators – the bull shark.

Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from simply taking a leisurely stroll through town, enjoying some delicious local food, doing some shopping and people watching, or just lying in the warm sand with cool ocean breezes kissing your skin.

Bimini is truly a unique destination where magic awaits you at every turn.

Your Bimini Bahamas Experience and Feed Back

We would love to hear from you and what you did in Bimini Bahamas. In fact we are so interested in hearing what you have to say that we will entice you to comment, the first 5 comments will receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card by email. The only thing we ask that you comment has something to do about Bimini Island and your stay there or the nearby area.

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Say Yes! A Dolphin Proposal in the Florida Keys

Dolphin Proposal Florida Keys

Men, when you know the woman you want to marry, buying her the perfect ring can be a challenge, but figuring out how exactly to do the proposal is definitely the hardest part! Should it be at a football game, at church, during a family function, on a cruise ship, on the beach? There are so many places to choose from but they have all been done! You need to find a way to show her how much you love her in a unique and fun way! And after being stuck for what seemed like forever, Mike found just that, a proposal to his girlfriend, Jodi, at the Dolphin Swim in the Florida Keys.

For ages, dolphins have been a symbol of love and peace, which is perfect for wishing good fortune for your marriage. Also, being outside and by the water is a perfect location for a proposal to nature lovers! Another benefit is that you both will be in front of a large crowd, which will lessen your chance of her saying “No.” JUST KIDDING! After Mike made his decision, he contacted Dolphin World right away to start putting his plan into action.

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The Preparation

Dolphin World booked the Dolphin Encounter and contacted the trainers to let them know of Mike’s plans.

Dolphin Engagement Preparation in the Florida Keys
Dolphin Engagement Preparation in the Florida Keys

Then Mike contacted the trainers directly to make the final arrangements for the proposals, including where, when, and how it would happen. Mike was given the choice to do the proposal during the dolphin wade, which was private and intimate, or the dolphin show, which was public with many people present. Mike chose the dolphin show.

When the big day finally arrived, Mike and Jodi set off to the Upper Florida Keys from Fort Lauderdale.

The plan was set for Mike to propose during the dolphin show that was part of their day and  later on they would both experience the dolphin WADE program. The Dolphin WADE program is in waste deep water with the dolphins, where they get to hug, pet, and kiss the dolphins a lot during a 30 minute session in the water.

The Proposal

The Proposal with Dolphins
The Proposal with Dolphins

After talking with the Dolphin Handler, Mike arranged to pass off the ring to the instructor of the dolphins, who in turn worked it out with the photographer to film it and to get the ring to Mike during the show.

So the day seemed normal to Jodi, they did the park tour and saw the marine life tour, parrot show, and seal lion show. All the shows had put the couple in a happy and relaxed mood until the next show, the dolphin show. Mike knew it was about to happen. His palms of his hands were getting sweaty because he did not know exactly how everything was going to happen. He left it in God’s hands and he was ready to go.

The couple sat in the stands waiting for the cue from the trainers who asked for volunteers to interact with the dolphins on stage. They intentionally picked too many people and separated them into 2 groups. The last group was Mike and Jodi only. So the first group went up and did their interaction with the dolphins and then they announced for Mike and Jodi to go up on the floating stage. Jodi was expecting the same experience as the first group.

Jodi bent over expecting a kiss from the dolphins but instead the dolphin brought her an engagement ring with a watertight cup around the rostrum (nose). The trainer informed everyone that this was strange and that the dolphin had something for Jodi. They instructed Jodi to take the enclosed cup off the dolphin and to open the cup, behold nothing was in the cup!!!! Then they told her to turn around to look at Mike and there he was on one knee to ask that one question that every woman wants to hear “Will You Marry Me?” The crowd was hushed and eagerly waited for her response. Jodi got a little nervous but God gave her the peace to say the magical word “ YES.”

The Ring

In his nervous state and condition, Mike accidentally put the ring on the wrong hand. Jodi whispered in a

the Ring to Propose in the Keys
the Ring to Propose in the Keys

loving voice “Honey, you put it on the wrong hand.” Mike quickly fixed his mistake and the couple kissed with passion knowing that they would soon be husband and wife. The crowd rejoiced with approval by clapping and cheering. The newly engaged couple walked off the stage with the knowledge of their new commitment and were congratulated by several guests throughout the day.

They enjoyed the rest of the day with the Dolphin Encounter program and then it was capped off with great professional dolphin photos and video of the entire day.

Mike recommends that if you are stuck on where to propose to your potential spouse, this is a homerun and a sure thing to satisfy her childhood dream. This was a day Mike and Jodi will never forget and Mike turned out to be Jodi’s hero for the day. For more information contact Dolphin World.

Wedding Proposal with the Dolphins

Wedding Proposal in Florida
Wedding Proposal in Florida