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Join the Eternal Vacation in Beautiful Key West, Florida

If you’re in the vacationing mood, head to beautiful Key West, Florida, where every day is a perfect excuse to play and party under the sun and stars. Key West is the kind of destination where time completely stops. There’s no need for a watch or an itinerary here, visitors simply do whatever they fancy. Boasting more sunny days than not, the area is ideal for those who want to snorkel, scuba dive, kayak or just lay on the beach and catch some rays. And, when the sun goes down, it’s time to party down with other tourists and locals who just want to have a good time.

There are a plethora of activities for visitors to partake in and here are just a few highlights:

Snorkel and Hang Out with Wild Dolphins

Hop on board the Amazing Grace, a Wild Dolphin Tour, an ultramodern boat that offers 6 passengers a rare look into the underwater world surrounding Key West customized deck viewing area. You’ll have the opportunity to encounter wild dolphins, a most memorable experience, and watch as they frolic and play below and all around. For those who feel like getting a little, or a lot, wet, dive in for some magnificent snorkeling among the many vibrant coral reefs. You’ll see colorful tropical fish and sea turtles as you glide through the azure waters just off the coast. A day on the Amazing Grace isn’t just a tourist attraction, it’s a memory you’ll never forget.

Wild About Dolphins in Key West

Food and Fun on a Sunset Cruise

There are dinner cruises, and then there are dinner cruises. Grab the one you love, or, okay, a bunch of people you at least like very much, and hop aboard the Sunset Culinaire Food and Fun Cruise where you can enjoy a luxury cruise at sunset skimming over the ocean’s surface. When not gazing in awe at the spectacular sunset, dine on gourmet cuisine prepared with love by a Chef, who’s been concocting delicious appetizers for 35 years. In other words, he’s got this whole cooking thing down pat. This dinner cruise is one you won’t soon forget.

What’s Better Than BP & J?

Answer: Rum and Reggae
Take a one-of-a-kind sailing adventure and head out into the famous crystal blue waters surrounding Key West for a day of sailing and, well, drinking – only in Key West, right? You’ll board a state-of-the-art luxury catamaran and head out to explore the beautiful coral reefs and miles of beautiful coastline. During the trip you have access to unlimited sodas, beer and rum punch and you’ll listen to the rhythmic beats of reggae music while literally sailing into the sunset.

Rum and Raggae Snorkel Cruise Key West

Up, Up and Away…

Come on, you know you want to try parasailing. Well Key West is one of the best places to do it. Get an aerial view of the fantastic scenery below as you soar 600 feet above the island. You can enjoy a solo ride or tandem, and, for those who want a dry adventure, you may choose to take off and land on dry ground. Once you try parasailing, you may become addicted!

ParaSailing In Key West

Who Doesn’t Love the Aquarium?

The Key West Aquarium is the only one on the island, and it offers those visitors who aren’t too keen on snorkeling or diving, or those too young, an opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the most incredible creatures from the deep blue sea. The aquarium features a touch tank that holds rays, sharks and turtles, and you can feed the sharks and the turtles daily. The aquarium also has a Turtle Hospital where dedicated staff members work hard to protect these creatures that are now endangered. If you’re traveling with kids, the aquarium is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Key West Aquarium – A place to see !!

Key West is one of those destinations that seem too good to be true. But lucky for you, it’s completely true.

Where to Stay in Key West

Pier House Resort & Spa

Pier House Key West

Located in Key West Historic District, this beachfront resort is in the city center and within a 5-minute walk to many attractions, Audubon House and Tropical Gardens, and Mallory Square. Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum and Southernmost Point are also within 2 mi (3 km). Catch some rays on Pier House Resort & Spa’s private white sand beach or spend the day relaxing at the full-service spa. Then enjoy a meal at one of the resort’s 3 restaurants. All 142 rooms provide conveniences like refrigerators and coffee makers, plus free WiFi and flat-screen TVs with cable channels. Guests will also find patios, minibars, and room service. < More Information about the Pier House >

Your Key West Experience and Feed Back

We would love to hear from you and what you did in Key West. Did you do any of these activities that we have listed here? What places do you recommend to go stay in or eat at? In fact we are so interested in hearing what you have to say that we will entice you to comment, the first 5 comments will receive a $5 Amazon Gift card by email. The only thing we ask that you comment has something to do about Key West and your stay there or the nearby area.

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Bonding Time with the Clown of the Sea!

Swim with the Sea Lion

Sea lions are some of the most graceful sea creatures in the water and possibly one of the funniest on land. At the facility in the Florida Keys however you get to experience the majesty and friendship that the sea lion offers in one of the most intimate and playful settings you will ever experience. There are few animals that can be considered as playful, funny, and majestic as the sea lion.

Sea Lions in the Florida Keys
Sea Lions in the Florida Keys

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Educational Orientation . . . Wait for it!

During the sea lion encounter you are led into the arena where a trainer is waiting to meet you. There the trainer will educate you on a few fun facts about the sea lion so you can better understand and connect with the beautiful animal you are about to bond with. At this point some people might get a little anxious and want to know where the sea lion is and the trainer will then motion to the entrance and there will come the cutest and funniest animal you will ever see on land.

Clown of the Sea
Clown of the Sea

Enter! Creature of the hour!

The sea lion will waddle out and jump into the natural salt water lagoon and meet you, its nose and mane poised proudly. He will raise one of its flippers to greet you and bob its head in acknowledgment of your new friendship. He will mimic your actions, in a taunting and playful manner, which really will justify his reputation of being the clown of the sea. Then he will slip into the water and the real fun will begin.

Sea Lion Hug in the Florida Keys
Sea Lion Hug in the Florida Keys

From Cute and Clumsy to Majestic Master

The sea lion glides into the water with a majesty that almost takes you by surprise after seeing him waddle on his front flippers on land. As you sit on the edge the graceful mammal will come and put its flipper on your lap in a kind of comforting way. He acknowledges you two are friends now and the question he is asking is, “Why aren’t you playing with me?” There is a comfort in having that giant flipper pet your knees, as if consoling a child; a very human and kind gesture. If that doesn’t coax you into playing, his head will pop up out of the cool clear water and rest on your lap. His whiskers will twitch and his eyes will look into yours in a pleading and hopeful way.

You will then have the opportunity to play ball with him and watch him perform tricks. As his tricks are performed he will expect you to feed him. You will receive food and be able to feed that gentle giant and you will more than likely receive a smile and a hug in return . . . or he may just be sniffing you to see if you are stashing anymore food on your person.

Book Your Florida Keys Sea Lion Programs >>

Swim with the Sea Lion

The opportunity to swim with him will also present itself and of course he will naturally want you to join him for a playful swim though if you will look as graceful as him, is a totally different story! Good thing he is understands that you two are friends and won’t judge his audience on their grace, or lack thereof.

As the meeting with the sea lion comes to an end he will look sad. There is a personality that comes from these animals and you will know they are not happy to see you go. They will give you a hug and a kiss and wave good bye with that giant flipper of his and wait for your next visit!

Swim with the Sea Lion
Swim with the Sea Lion
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Dolphins and Snorkeling near Key Largo Marine Sanctuary!

Dolphins and Snorkeling

Just a short drive from Miami is the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park with America’s only living coral reef. It is celebrating its 50th anniversary and its success in protecting and conserving its natural resources. This is the jewel of the Florida Keys because of its live coral reef.

When you visit the sanctuary you visit America’s first underwater preserve. The live coral reef and abundance of sea life is truly breathtaking and unique. When you ride in the boat with the glass bottom, you can see the coral reef up close and admire its beauty.  Also, the Florida Keys is one of the few places where you have Dolphins and Snorkeling in one place.

Video of the Snorkel Boat We Use – Get a Taste of What You Will See

Dolphins and Snorkeling in One Day

Many visitors want to snorkel and swim with the dolphins while in the Florida Keys, well, you can do this with Dolphin World. We offer the 1 Day Dolphin Swim Mini Workshop where you can do both fun filled activities.  It will be a full day where half of the day you will get the 30 minute dolphin swim in Islamorada.  During your 30 minutes, you will get to know your bottlenose dolphin where you get to pet, play and swim with them in deep water. This experience will entail a  snorkel and free swim with them in an all natural salt water lagoon.   Included in your day, you can snorkel in John Pennekamp Coral Reef park in Key Largo.  Your experienced boat captain will take you and your family to the best spots of the reef to explore all the wonders of the colorful tropical fish and coral structures.

Florida Keys Dolphin Encounter


Attractions of the Greenery and Animal Life

When you visit the marine sanctuary you will get to explore the nature trails with the lush greenery, walk the beautiful sandy beaches, and admire and learn about the abundant wildlife that inhabit the state park. The beautiful blue water gives you the perfect window to view the fish and coral reef in its natural habitat.

You get to scuba dive with the fish and get up close and personal with the only live coral reef in America along with all the beautiful fish. There is a rainbow of life under the water waiting for you to explore it. The beauty and peace felt when faced with such a unique and majestic sight is truly unlike anything you will ever experience. There is the beauty and peace felt when in paradise and then there’s the beauty and peace you feel when in a totally different world, away from the world and sound of land life.

Book Your Florida Keys 1 Day Dolphin/Snorkel Program >>

The Christ of the Abyss

Below 25 feet of turquoise water stands a nine foot bronze statue of the Christ of the Abyss, an exact replica of which rests in the Mediterranean Sea. It is surrounded by living coral reef formations and highlights the miracle of America’s only living coral reef. When you scuba dive you can get up close and see the entire ecosystem that has grown onto the statue. The beauty of the adaptation of the organism is truly breathtaking.

Florida Keys Snorkeling

Miles of Beauty and Paradise

The sanctuary covers 2800 square nautical miles of the waters throughout the Florida Bay, Gulf of Mexico, and Atlantic Ocean. There are coral reefs, seagrass beds, and mangrove swamps that adorn the sanctuary waters. There is an infinite amount of wildlife that coexist and live in this giant span of water. The fish, birds, marine life, and land animals that grow and inhabit the lush greenery and water are numberless and beautiful.

The sanctuary is open year around and offers the visitors an experience unlike any other. The park has two man made beaches, kayaking and boat rentals, nature trails and 47 camping sites. You get a chance to experience the park on many different levels and in so many different ways you don’t miss a thing. You get to experience the nature and wildlife of so many different environments there is no park that can match the beauty and intimacy you experience at the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.

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Say Yes! A Dolphin Proposal in the Florida Keys

Dolphin Proposal Florida Keys

Men, when you know the woman you want to marry, buying her the perfect ring can be a challenge, but figuring out how exactly to do the proposal is definitely the hardest part! Should it be at a football game, at church, during a family function, on a cruise ship, on the beach? There are so many places to choose from but they have all been done! You need to find a way to show her how much you love her in a unique and fun way! And after being stuck for what seemed like forever, Mike found just that, a proposal to his girlfriend, Jodi, at the Dolphin Swim in the Florida Keys.

For ages, dolphins have been a symbol of love and peace, which is perfect for wishing good fortune for your marriage. Also, being outside and by the water is a perfect location for a proposal to nature lovers! Another benefit is that you both will be in front of a large crowd, which will lessen your chance of her saying “No.” JUST KIDDING! After Mike made his decision, he contacted Dolphin World right away to start putting his plan into action.

Book Your Dolphin Programs in Florida Keys Online Now >>>

The Preparation

Dolphin World booked the Dolphin Encounter and contacted the trainers to let them know of Mike’s plans.

Dolphin Engagement Preparation in the Florida Keys
Dolphin Engagement Preparation in the Florida Keys

Then Mike contacted the trainers directly to make the final arrangements for the proposals, including where, when, and how it would happen. Mike was given the choice to do the proposal during the dolphin wade, which was private and intimate, or the dolphin show, which was public with many people present. Mike chose the dolphin show.

When the big day finally arrived, Mike and Jodi set off to the Upper Florida Keys from Fort Lauderdale.

The plan was set for Mike to propose during the dolphin show that was part of their day and  later on they would both experience the dolphin WADE program. The Dolphin WADE program is in waste deep water with the dolphins, where they get to hug, pet, and kiss the dolphins a lot during a 30 minute session in the water.

The Proposal

The Proposal with Dolphins
The Proposal with Dolphins

After talking with the Dolphin Handler, Mike arranged to pass off the ring to the instructor of the dolphins, who in turn worked it out with the photographer to film it and to get the ring to Mike during the show.

So the day seemed normal to Jodi, they did the park tour and saw the marine life tour, parrot show, and seal lion show. All the shows had put the couple in a happy and relaxed mood until the next show, the dolphin show. Mike knew it was about to happen. His palms of his hands were getting sweaty because he did not know exactly how everything was going to happen. He left it in God’s hands and he was ready to go.

The couple sat in the stands waiting for the cue from the trainers who asked for volunteers to interact with the dolphins on stage. They intentionally picked too many people and separated them into 2 groups. The last group was Mike and Jodi only. So the first group went up and did their interaction with the dolphins and then they announced for Mike and Jodi to go up on the floating stage. Jodi was expecting the same experience as the first group.

Jodi bent over expecting a kiss from the dolphins but instead the dolphin brought her an engagement ring with a watertight cup around the rostrum (nose). The trainer informed everyone that this was strange and that the dolphin had something for Jodi. They instructed Jodi to take the enclosed cup off the dolphin and to open the cup, behold nothing was in the cup!!!! Then they told her to turn around to look at Mike and there he was on one knee to ask that one question that every woman wants to hear “Will You Marry Me?” The crowd was hushed and eagerly waited for her response. Jodi got a little nervous but God gave her the peace to say the magical word “ YES.”

The Ring

In his nervous state and condition, Mike accidentally put the ring on the wrong hand. Jodi whispered in a

the Ring to Propose in the Keys
the Ring to Propose in the Keys

loving voice “Honey, you put it on the wrong hand.” Mike quickly fixed his mistake and the couple kissed with passion knowing that they would soon be husband and wife. The crowd rejoiced with approval by clapping and cheering. The newly engaged couple walked off the stage with the knowledge of their new commitment and were congratulated by several guests throughout the day.

They enjoyed the rest of the day with the Dolphin Encounter program and then it was capped off with great professional dolphin photos and video of the entire day.

Mike recommends that if you are stuck on where to propose to your potential spouse, this is a homerun and a sure thing to satisfy her childhood dream. This was a day Mike and Jodi will never forget and Mike turned out to be Jodi’s hero for the day. For more information contact Dolphin World.

Wedding Proposal with the Dolphins

Wedding Proposal in Florida
Wedding Proposal in Florida